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1.Factory Audit (FA)

Clients require their products at the right quality, quantity and time. To achieve these objectives, manufacturers should reach certain quality standards within their operations. But how could you assure your manufacturers to achieve such standards? By appointing local professional organizations like BST can help you to audit your manufacturers in such programs.

In general, we will check the following aspects for a factory audit:

a. Factory profile

This section provides you with general information about the factory.

b. Work-Flow and Organization Charts

This section includes a Report on the Information & Work flows within the Factory as well as a Chart on the Organization.

c. Production Lines-Capacity

This section includes an calculation chart of the overall capacity calculation as well as an output check of the production running during the audit.

d. Factory Facilities-Machinery Conditions

This section includes a review of the machineries and equipment tools.

e. Quality Assurance System

This section includes an assessment of the internal Quality Processes, QC facilities, Quality Team, Records and Quality Certificates.

f. Social Accountability

This section includes Workers Interviews and a short assessment of the general working conditions found in the factory.

g. Procurement Conditions

This section includes an assessment of the Raw Materials and Components Supply as well as information on Subcontractors Practice.

h. R & D-Sampling Capability

This section includes an assessment of the capability of the factory to design and develop new products.

i. Hygiene & Security

This section includes an assessment of the sanitary conditions and the security level of the facilities.

j. Environment

This section includes a short assessment of the factory policy with environmental issues.

k. RoHS Standards

This section includes level of awareness and/or compliance of the factory according to the RoHS Standards (Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment).

2.Social Compliance Audit (SCA)

Social compliance audit (also called code of conduct) is conducted mainly based on SA8000 standards or standards drawn by clients. Our native language auditors will interview staff, check records and factory operation, inform you those non- compliances and give the factory chance to correct them.

In general, we will check the following aspects for social compliance audit:
General Information
Working Hours
Child/ Forced labour
Safety Conditions
Social Facilities
Working Conditions

3.Initial Production Check (IPC)

A visual check on the quality of components, materials, and accessories at the beginning of production against clients' specifications and/or reference sample. The IPC thus permits timely corrections and improvements before the mass production is launched. Any non-conformity is immediately reported so as to avoid delay in shipment.

In general, we will check the following aspects for IPC:

Evaluate the production capability and equipments in the factory.

Check factories' quality control ability and executive status.

Check the accuracy of production facilities and equipments.

Audit production techniques and make sure the reasonable layout of factory QC person.

Check the quantity and quality of raw materials and main components that will be used in your products, foreseeing any possible problems to avoid them, verifying that your products spec are being met early.

4.In-Process Quality Check (IPQC)

The in-process quality check is designed to provide early warning of quality or other problems arising during production and which may delay shipment.

In other words, it is intended to provide a snapshot of the status of production at a factory. During production, semi-finished parts must be inspected based on AQL or percentage according to the company policy and inspection plan.

Checks carried out include stocks of raw materials, production rates, estimated production completion date, production bottlenecks, etc.

5.During Production Check (DUPRO)

A visual check on the quality of components, materials, semi-finished products when at least 20%-30% of the order has been completed. Unique randomly inspects the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects, if any should occur, we identifies the deviation and provides advice on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch quality product.

The DUPRO provides the on-line inspection, DQC qualified inspectors will check that the corrections and improvements suggested during the IPC were implemented, examine the existing productions, advised the manufacturers of any further corrections or improvements to be made.

In general:

Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process.

Randomly inspect the finished samples on-site and compare them with your product spec.

According to the evaluated status of finished and semi- finished samples, rearrange the QC layout at the factory.

Evaluate the packing details and packing material.

Check the accuracy of production equipments and disposal methods for defective goods.

6.Final Random Inspection (FRI)

The BST team performs a final random inspection comprising of a detailed visual inspection of goods before shipment. It is generally conducted on the premises of the manufacturer, on samples selected according to defined sampling procedures.

FRI takes place when the merchandise is 100% completed and at least 80% are well packed, marked and ready for shipment. Our inspectors randomly draw some samples from finished goods, based on statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS6001, DIN40080, ISO2859 OR NFX06-022, to verify that the finished shipping lots conform to your specifications.

In general:
Qty check
Style, color & material
Visual check(workmanship)
Function/safety check
Size measurement if needed
Package details
Shipping mark

For final random inspection, we would like to suggest client to booking this inspection at least 3 days before loading so that if some quality problems were found by BST inspector, clients will still have time to ask factory to re-work.

7.Loading Supervision (L/S)

Before stuffing, our inspectors will check products' information, quantity, package, during the course of stuffing, our inspectors will keep closely look at the loading process, ensure that the export cartons are well arranged in the container with no risks of deformation, collapse, help manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses and working process.

In general:
Record the weather/arrival time of container/No./truck No.
Check the inner/outer condition to see if there is any damage/wet/hole/peculiar smell.
Check the qty of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging(master cartons/pallets).
Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with clients' specification.
Supervise the whole loading process.
Seal the container with the custom's seal and unique quality inspection's seal.
Record the seal No. and departure time of container.

8.Testing Arrangement (TA)

BST has independent test lab in China. BST can issue CE certificate for European product.

9.Contact Information (CI)

If you have any question, please contact us directly. (jeffrey@bstinspection.com) Please call us at 0086-13798166270.

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